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+me20190118 - Shai Portugaly Show - Beit


Vocalist, Piano/Keyboard player and Songwriter Shai Portugaly has toured around the world, collaborating with artists from many different countries, and performing her original music. Having grown up in a musical family in Israel, she grew up playing jazz, RnB and gospel, and her curiosity and passion for cultures, languages, and different musical genres, led her to explore the world and become a very diverse musician. She has written music in Hebrew, English and Spanish, and has sung in various Indian languages, such as Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. 

Among the various projects she has been involved with, Shai toured with the Indian composer, Grammy-Award winner A. R. Rahman on his 2018 USA tour, performing in 10 different states, for audiences of 8k-15k people. 

Shai is currently working on her debut original album which will be released later on this year. Her music, just like her personality, brings a message of authenticity, courage and oneness. 

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