Everything is happening online - feel free to use the contact page to inquire about any of these or offer your own idea:

* Songwriting Circles

Accountability groups for writing songs every week. Learning different techniques and approaches for songwriting, weekly zoom meetings with songwriters from all around the world, giving and receiving feedback and melting writer's block. Super inspiring and mind opening! Monthly commitment.

* Harmony Circles

Learn how to hear, feel and understand music in a new, inspiring and intuitive way. Weekly zoom meetings.

* Online Private Music Lessons - 

Work on any aspect of your musicality & skills - Piano, Songwriting/Composition, Music Theory / Harmony / Ear Training. Lessons are curated PERSONALLY for each student according to their musical preferences, level, and unique way of learning.

* Emotional Healing through Music (life coaching) - not only for musicians!

Music is perhaps the only thing which connects ALL parts of the brain, and while it uses words, it also gives us access to the subconscious, to emotions, and to some less known, more abstract aspects of ourselves. Whether you know music or not - I will curate it for you, and teach you what you need to know in order to process your emotions with the help of music.